Par 3 Monthly Medal Information

We run our own handicapping system so you don’t need an official CONGU handicap to start playing. New players without a CONGU handicap will have to submit two cards, one of which must be in competition on the par 3 course to obtain a par 3 handicap. Juniors need to be competent to play on the course and know the appropriate rules and etiquette of the game. Players with existing par 3 handicaps will continue to use them.

All medal competitions will run on a tee-time booking basis. All players must make sure they book a suitable start time at the Pro shop (times will be available between approx 8.30am and 10.00am). Trophies will be awarded for the first three places along with more bonus prizes up for grabs too! Points will be allocated towards the final Order of Merit after each event.

2020 Par 3 Monthly Medal Schedule is below:

Sun 5th April *Postponed*
Sun 10th May
Sun 7th June
Sun 5th July COVID 19 VERSION –Click here for info.
Sun 9th Aug Covid Version – Click here for info
Sun 6th Sept Covid Version – Click here for info
Sun 27th Sept Grand Final for the Order of Merit 2020

The 2020 Major Competitions Schedule

The Styal Junior Masters Sunday 26th April *Postponed*
The Styal Junior British Open Sunday 19th July Further Details
The Styal Junior Ryder Cup Mon 3th Aug and Tues 4th Aug CXD

The Masters and the Open both follow the same format as the Monthly Medals, we just have bigger trophies, more prizes and of course the prestige of the champion title!

Par 3 Advice for Parent – click here

Par 3 Competition Handicap Information – click here

Results for all the competitions will be posted on the News and Events page.

Entry Fees 2020 COVID Comps
There will be no entrance fee. Unfortunately there will also be no prizes or presentation. We will still be running the Order of Merit with trophies at the end of the season for the top three places.

New Players should contact Mark Johnson before booking a tee at the pro shop. You will also need to complete the details and permission form (click here).