Christmas Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of awesome golf this Christmas!

We have a limited number of unique and exclusive golf experiences vouchers for Christmas 2020. They are suitable for all juniors, from the complete beginner to the experienced budding tour pro. All sessions will be personalized to your individual juniors requirements with a PGA Professional.

Check out the options of unique golf coaching experiences below. To buy a just voucher just follow the steps below.

1. Choose your experience and click the ‘Pay with PayPal‘ button.
2. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm the details.
3. A personalised voucher will be sent to you either by email as a PDF or you can request a hard copy to be posted to you. There will a 12 month expiry date.

The Pro Caddie Experience

The ultimate tour pro experience for the playing junior — your own caddy and coach giving laser guided distances, green reading tips, wind reading, club and shot selection, course management and strategy tips.

The experience can last for either 2 hours or 4 hours and availability will be during school holidays, midweek and weekend evenings when light permits.

The session will includes a report of recommendations to lower your scores.

The Pro Caddie Experience – 18 Holes

A 4 hour session for 18 holes with a PGA Pro. Receive the full tour pro treatment from your coach/caddie. yardages, green reading, club selection and tips.


The Pro Caddie Experience – 9 Holes

A 2 hour session for 9 holes on either the Academy course or the main course with a PGA Pro. Receive the full tour pro treatment from your coach/caddie. yardages, green reading, club selection and tips.


Beginner Golf Private Golf Experience

The perfect introduction to start to learn to play golf. A course of private sessions with a PGA Pro to introduce both long game, short game and putting. It’s so important to start on the right foot in golf. Avoid a lifetime of frustrations and bad habits by laying some solid foundations at the beginning.

Beginner Golf Private Golf Experience

Four private 1 hour sessions with a PGA Pro. Perfect for the new golfer or the inexperienced golfer. A complete introduction to the game of golf.


Rip it like Rory Experience – The Need for Speed!

A four session package designed to increase your distance, boost that club head speed and boom it like Bryson! A systematic programme of exercises, drills, equipment checks and technical developments to gain some extra yards.

Rip it like Rory Experience

Four 45 minute sessions to increase your distance, boost that club head speed and boom it like Bryson!


Short Game Mastery Experience

Arguably the most important part of the game that is also the most neglected! It’s the easiest way to knock shots off your score by developing solid technique and deft touch around the green.

Four sessions developing the following areas

1. Putting Holing Out and Lag putting
2. Chip and Run – Learn the simple but most effective shots first.
3. Pitching and flop shots
4. Bunker shots

Each session will include technique, skill challenges and practice drills to take away.

Short Game Mastery Experience

4 hours of mastering the short game.


Super Six Golf Experience

This is a block of six half hour private coaching sessions. You choose exactly what area of your game you would like to improve. Whether it’s long game, short game or putting, the choice is yours.

Super Six Golf Experience

Six half hour individual golf lessons tailored to your requirements.


Bumper Block for the Ultimate Golf Experience

This bumper block of ten 1 hour private golf lessons will ensure some mega improvements in the area of your choice. There is ample time to work on all aspects of the game whether it’s technical, short game, tactical, course management, the choice is yours!

Bumper Block – Ultimate Golf Experience

Ten 1 hour individual coaching sessions tailored to your requirements.


Taster Session Experience

The perfect opportunity to see if the golf bug bites! A fun filled half hour private coaching session to introduce basic techniques.

Taster Session Experience

A half hour taster session with a PGA Pro. (Multiples of this session can be purchased if required, just change the quantity in the box below)


If you have any requests for Gift Vouchers then please get in touch. We can personalise one to suit your exact requirements.

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M: 07747692028