Group Coaching Winter/Spring 2021

Thank you for everyone’s patience regarding the junior coaching programmes during these ‘uncertain’ times.

The format has changed to allow for a more flexible system. Trying to juggle government guidelines, local lock downs, social distancing, golf club policies etc has been a challenge!

We are hoping to get as many juniors back playing again so we have been busy finding a way to get as many back as possible while maintaining social distancing and ensuring a safe environment for golfer, parents and staff. Please bear with us! 

Group Coaching

For the moment we are restricted as to how many group coaching sessions we can offer. We will be running group sessions daily after school and weekend mornings at the times below.

Monday 4.15pm-5.00pm
Tuesday 4.15pm to 5.00pm
Wednesday 4.15pm to 5.00pm
Thursday 4.15pm to 5.00pm
Friday 4.15pm to 5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am to 9.45am, 10.00am to 10.45am and 11.00am to 11.45am
Sunday 9.00am to 9.45am, 10.00am to 10.45am and 11.00am to 11.45am

To keep the programme flexible each session that a junior attends will need to be booked in advance. The maximum group size is limited to four players. (Booking details at the bottom of the page). There is no commitment to come every week, just choose your sessions to suit.

Outside of these times we can only offer private sessions and outdoor coaching.

We will hopefully increase the number of sessions in time and may add some later sessions at the weekend going forward.

Private Coaching

We will continue to offer individual coaching on a one to one basis. These can be booked with your chosen professional at a time to suit and can be taken on the range, short game area or on course.

Shared Private Coaching – (2 players max)

Keep it social and share the costs of a private session by sharing with a friend or golfing buddy. These can be booked at a time to suit with your chosen professional and can be taken on the range, short game area or on the course.

Outdoor only Group Sessions on Short Game Area and Course

These will be some extra group sessions coming when we have some available times. The maximum group size is still four golfers and they will be at times when we can’t access the range so be prepared for all weather, rain or shine! Dates will be added shortly.

Par 3 Playing

One blessing from Covid is that Footgolf has now stopped so we are back to full weekends of golf on the par 3. We are looking to setup a regular spot where juniors can meet up and play a regular game with each other.

I am looking for volunteer parents or any adult, preferably with some golf knowledge to help run the sessions. It would be fantastic to see and great for the kids to have a regular session where they can meet other juniors to play and have an informal competition. Please get in touch if you think you can help in any way.

The Par 3 membership is fully open and now includes golf all weekend. The One Year Junior Par 3 Academy menbership is £99, this gives you unlimited golf on the par 3 course for the whole year! Further details available at the pro shop.

Booking for Coaching

We have introduced a new online booking system called ProAgenda. All junior Group coaching must be booked through this system. You can book and see see when your past and future appointments have been made for. You will receive a handy reminder email before each session.

It will be accessible 24/7. You will need to have credit on your account before you can make a booking. For those of you have credit from pre lockdown, this will be ready and waiting in your account and can be used to make your first booking/s. For new golfers and for anyone who has run out of credit you will need to purchase a block of either five or ten group sessions.

We will be releasing available slots for 2021 nearer the time so we can reassess requirements and adapt around any necessary change.

Please watch the introductory video and see the notes below to see how to use the booking system. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Points to Note:
1. You can only book one appointment at a time. To book for example three consecutive Mondays you need to book each session individually.
2. You need credit on your account to book. You can see what credit you have and add to this under the ‘Packages’ button.
3. Cancellations can be made online under ‘Appointments’. A minimum of six hours must be given to cancel. For cancellations made with less than 6 hours the session will be charged in full. Please contact you coach directly.
4. If you have siblings they will need their own login account with a different email address and would then need to be booked in separately. Sorry the software doesn’t allow for multiple bookings!
5.You can view the calendar and availability without logging in. To book you will need to login.
6. Save the page on your home screen for quick easy access.

Private and shared private sessions should be booked with your preferred PGA Professional at a time to suit.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or if you need help booking. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon.