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This year we will again be supporting the charity 'Kidneys for Life fundraising for MINT' (Manchester Institute of Nephrology and Transplantation.)

As most of you already know I have close links with the Renal Department at the MRI. Both of my kidneys failed when I was 20 and received a transplant in 1994. This has allowed me to live a near ordinary lifestyle and given me a second chance of life. However in 2011 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and underwent six months of successful chemotherapy only to find my kidney function declining. In August 2012 I commenced dialysis which through the support of the Renal team I self managed at home. I received my second successful kidney transplant in June 2014 which is working brilliantly! My blood results are better now than any time over the last 21 years!

The whole Renal team at the MRI do a magnificent job, not just the doctors and nurses on the frontline but all the research that takes place in the labs. They are the biggest renal department in the UK and are world leaders with their research and treatments. I for one would not be here today without them!

I will be fund raising through the year and would welcome any ideas, suggestions or donations to help raise some money. Lets hope we can raise a decent amount by the end of season in October.

Any donations can be made to 'kidneys for life' or you can donate on line at

Thank you in advance for your support!

Mark Johnson